For generations, my family has supplied leather to various retailers and manufacturers in India, sticking to the tried-and-true methods of wholesaling. However, my sister Roma, and I, Kunal, wanted to shake things up.

We grew up surrounded by the sights and smells of leather in a small town in India. In 2014 in search of better opportunities, our family moved to Adelaide, Australia. My sister, Roma, started her study in Adelaide and I moved to Melbourne for my studies. We both worked small casual jobs while studying at university. In my final year, I was drawn to the idea of starting something of my own where my creativity could be channelled.

As the only thing I really understood was leather, I started by making journals from hides I could pick up for cheap from a big supply store in Melbourne.

While I was in my final year, I ventured out by selling in weekend markets. Me and my friend from University, Neha, both went to weekend markets around Melbourne, to sell the journals. People liked our work, and we started gaining traction, so driven by my entrepreneurial instincts I opened an online store. As demand grew, I started contacting my friends from India to help meet demand. As we were in leather business back home, it was easy to get source right talent and materials.

In 2021, my friend Neha decided to take a job after university. Later that year, my sister Roma decided to join the business, and she helps grow the business in Adelaide. In 2022, my other friend from university, Mansi, who was at the time looking for work, joined us full time.

Now, we are a team of 7 people, including the 2 full time employees back home, who help us putting patterns on leather and sourcing paper for our journals. We have 2 employees in our shop in Melbourne, Satty and Kamana who help us in stitching the journals. Mansi and I work out of Melbourne and Roma works from Adelaide. Our work is to design the journals and focus on improving operational efficiency and innovate our products to meet the everchanging consumer demand.

 Our goal is reaching each and every part of the World, till date we have served over 20k customers in 114 countries. Our motto is to improve our products while keeping prices low, using economies of scale. Our 18-step method to convert a raw leather hide into a beautiful journal, speaks for itself. We have over 4000 reviews averaging 4.8 stars. We thank our customers for trusting in us, to deliver quality each and every time.